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1. Sustainable forest management

In module 1, you will venture into the world of sustainable forest management (SFM) and explore two important components of it – reduced impact logging and forest landscape restoration.

2. Assessing legality and achieving accountability

Module 2 will take you more deeply into legality assessment. It examines the ins and outs of trade regulation, and innovative technologies for improving market transparency and increasing accountability.

3. From legality to sustainability

Module 3 explores how meeting legality requirements for forest management ensures sustainable outcomes.

4. Markets and access to markets

Module 4 examines market aspects that will assist in maintaining, expanding and sustaining your business. This module also explores trade statistics, innovative marketing systems and international trade regulations.


Video lectures

Our experts will talk to you about specific topics related to LSSC.

Video cases

Explore videos that illustrate how LSSC are implemented on the ground.

Text material

You can read many relevant and up-to-date literature related to LSSC.


A platform to ask questions to instructor and interact with other students.

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